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Sunglasses come in many shapes and sizes, essential if you’re heading out in the sun and want to save your eyes from being zapped. Tortoiseshell models always seem that little bit more stylish and generally (generally) suit everyone with plenty of shades of yellow and brown to choose from. These mottled eye protectors that follow are a selection of the best or at least our favourites on the market right now. Moscot, Han Ed, Persol, Illesteva…Check them out.

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See the sunglasses on the following page.

Han EdArmy Sunglasses

Danish brand Han Kjobenhavn have been doing fine things with sunglasses of late. This take on the Clubmaster has that pleasing yellow hue which works perfectly alongside these green tint Carl Zeiss Lenses. If you’re a little tortoiseshell shy this half way option might suit.

MoscotZolman Sunglasses

Roundies. Yeah, they take a bit of getting use to and a very specific shaped head, but if you can get them right they can really set ya face on fire. These are from optical experts Moscot and come with G15+ lenses, we featured them a while back and continue to enjoy their circular goodness.

Persol0714 Folding Sunglasses

Some classics right here, you know the old Hollywood stars who wore these so we won’t go naming them here. Practical, goodlooking, these are man spectacles, masculine shades, ready to be folded away for when you need to look that bear right in the eye and tell it to back the hell off.

Oliver PeoplesSheldrake Sunglasses

An easy to wear dark shade of tortoiseshell, Oliver Peoples know a thing or two about making sunglasses. An in-between shape that continues the no fuss feel. Simple stuff.

IllestevaMeyer Sunglasses

Illesteva have shaken things up in the sunglass market of late, among more wearable frames they like to throw in a few challenging shapes just to keep it all fresh. These are going to get you some looks, good and bad. It’s summertime though and what better season to get a little brave. Wear them and dance strangely on a street corner. It’s your life.

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