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We thoroughly enjoyed skinny jeans for a good year at least (even after the crotch of a favorite pair spontaneously ripped open while we had a leg up on a chair at work). While we still keep at least one pair in black handy for dress-up, the slow return to slightly roomier pants has served as a tactile reminder of why it took so long to get used to wearing skinny jeans in the first place. They pinch you all over, especially in the groin.

These lightweight selvage jeans from Taylor Stitch heed that call, boasting a “Democratic fit … tailored but by no means skinny [with] some extra space to accommodate ‘the boys.'” The boys do enjoy accommodations and in the summer they really enjoy a lighter fabric. Our other balls (eye) are pretty into the greyish indigo wash. Hard to go wrong with these. Pick up a pair online.

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