Where form meets function

Pentagram “the world’s largest independent design consultancy” are celebrating 40 years in the business. Having collected a mammoth client list over the years, including, ahem – COS, Grey Goose, John Lewis, Nissan, Saks Fifth Avenue, MoMA, Time magazine, Bausch & Lomb, The Savoy, LL.Bean…we’ll stop there, you’d expect the festivities to be a serious minded affair. Looking back over years of success and deals signed with a selection of cigars and brandies. However, it seems the light approach to their work has been carried through to their anniversary celebrations. This stop motion film ‘The Forty Story’, takes the firm’s achievements and turns them into a “faux-biography”, the life story of a fictional character told through the brands who received the Pentagram treatment. It’s really rather clever. Press play

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