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When Ian sat down in the chair, he had long hair and a long square beard. He is something of an outdoorsman and wanted to keep a full beard that would still look acceptable at a dinner table with two forks. Thus, we rounded his shaggy beard and gave him a cut he can wear two ways: mussed-up and parted neat.

Photography by Hannah Houtz
Cut and styling by Nicole Foster
Beer by Upslope

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Find out more about the beard and the hair after the jump…

This cut features no disconnections and was cut square from the head (meaning if you were to see all of his hair standing on end, it would make a square shape). To contrast the edges, Ian’s beard was cut into a round shape. The hair was styled with some nice waxy pomade.

To alternate the style, we had Ian wet his hair and then we found the point on the side of the part where his hair recedes the farthest and created the part line with the edge of a comb. From there, it was easy to comb the hair in opposing directions for a smooth look. We also trimmed his mustache a little more to reveal his upper lip, making his overall appearance even cleaner.

Words by Josh Tyson
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