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Always happy to hear, read, see something new on Marilyn Monroe, here Crane TV talks to photographer Lawrence Schiller who captured some rather famous shots of the tragic star near the end of her life. The infamous pool series taken on the set of her last, unfinished movie ‘Something’s Gotta Give’, was Marilyn’s idea according to Lawrence. Stories of Monroe pushing herself and photographers to challenging, provocative places have been well documented, in this case a nude shoot was her attempt at stealing back the limelight from fellow starlet Liz Taylor.

Her behaviour becoming increasingly erratic around this time she insisted “I don’t want to see Elizabeth Taylor in the magazine the same week I am. I’m only getting $100,000 from this picture, Elizabeth Taylor’s getting a million dollars and I’m just as good an actress as she is.” The rest is pretty depressing history. Schiller’s work with Monroe can be seen in its entirety in Marilyn & Me: A Memoir in Words & Photographs, a pricey volume published by Taschen. On the subject, the oversized Andre de Dienes Marilyn boxset from 2002 still remains the ultimate photographic history of MM.

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