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The folks behind The Hill-side have just launched a new initiative under the guise of the TH-S & Co. name. TH-S & Co. is essential a full-on frontal attack on all things collaborative. By our count, they have roughly 55 total products from various brands making goods in the U.S.A. including Drifter, Gitman Bros., Choctaw Ridge, Mast Brother Chocolate, and many others.

We focus on this “archival” all-over rose print done in cooperation with Dickie’s 1922. We find it fascinating that a workwear company like Dickie’s would have such a rose print in their archive. To be honest, it seems very un-workwear like but we have seen stranger. With all that said, we happen to love the look of this shirt very much. Fuck with the normal and wear this one hard. Made in Texas. Available now from Hickorees (no surprise there).

More detailed looks on the following page.

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