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Hasbro Studios and Universal took the popular Milton Bradley board game, Battleship, and turned it into what appears to be a pretty wildly imaginative take on the simple game. Their imaginations clearly ran away with them and the end result was a big budget action movie brought to us by the same folks that brought us Transformers. The trailers for the movie looked atrocious and made us chuckle thinking about the simplicity of the board game that was re-imagined with other worldly space crafts attacking naval units as seen in the clips of the movie.

Anyway, some folks on the internet came up with some poster ideas for movies that could perhaps someday end up on the big screen. Games such as Monopoly, Mousetrap, Hungry Hungry Hippos and more have been presented here and they’re pretty comical. Hollywood is constantly needing to remake films or look to children’s toys for inspiration, so hey, these might work out nicely for them.

Check out the posters after the jump.

Source: buzzfeed and meme hermetica

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