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When we say this Ames Soeurs from the odor wizards at Joya is some solid perfume, we do not mean that it is tight or legit. It might be those things—though we would probably opt for adjectives like “fragrant” or “gold-stank”—but it is also a genuine solid slab of waxy perfume that you can finger up like lip palm and apply to your pulse points. The smelly stuff is made from jojoba oil and carnauba wax hand-mixed with undiluted perfume oil that effuses “orange blossom wrapped in incense, smoke and musk.” That scent profile sounds a tic manlier than “perfume,” but this is indeed for a deserving lady.

What you might enjoy is the craft behind the container: a fine porcelain slipcast made by Sarah Cihat has been glazed and painted with 22-karat gold. The brass lids are cut and hammered by metal smith Michael Miller, with each made a custom fit to the porcelain hulls, which are unique in shape with each firing. More gold on the lid (24-karat). Only fifteen of these are available: five at Henri Bendel on Fifth Avenue in N.Y.C., five online and five more come fall.

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