From the ground up

With Air Yeezy 2 hype reaching pandemic levels around the world today, it’s our pleasure to present a Highsnobiety exclusive Nike Air Yeezy 2 Zine. Produced Montreal creative team Une Banane, the project takes on a unique narrative, approaching the shoe from an outsider’s perspective. Danny Demers of Une Banane tells us more:

It seemed to us that trying to re-tell the story of the Air Yeezy would be a redundant approach. Those who know simply know, and if they don’t they don’t. The line-ups are for a reason, but what is that reason? We decided to approach the shoe from an outsider’s perspective, and try to see why certain decisions were made in it’s design. For example, the falcon on the tongue, and the hieroglyphs on the inside of the shoe-strap were conscious decisions that weren’t based on the idea of 50 sneaker-heads lining up in front of your local sneaker store.

We tried to reverse engineer the creative process that was executed with the shoe, and thought of a Zine as a perfect medium to present the case-study, mood board and process that took place in the shoe’s creation. We took our story to Egypt and tried to explored its themes as a visual language that we found to be the foundation of the shoe’s key elements.

Have a look at the full Nike Air Yeezy 2 Zine here.. or Yeezine if you will.

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