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Stone’s Ruination IPA bills itself “the first full-time brewed and bottled Double IPA on the planet” and backs that “double” with 2.5 pounds of hops going into every barrel. For the 10th anniversary of the popular style, they hit us with the Ruination Tenth Anniversary IPA. As the snarling gargoyle on the bottle suggests, shit is mad intense. The original brew was named for its ability to ruin your palate with bright crisp bitterness and this double-down of the double (five pounds of hops per barrel) genuinely makes your tongue go numb.

The sensation actually pairs well with the licorice notes that hang on your beleaguered taste buds, sharing space with flavors of apricot and peaches. The swagger on this one, combined with the 10.8-percent abv, make it a perfect special occasion beer for breaking out during the second hour of an intimate and spicy barbecue.

Photography by StudioSchulz

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