Definitely stared at this one for a minute wondering if the little corkscrew drawing by multidisciplinary German artist (and Andrew W.K. doppelganger) Jonathan Meese was somehow mechanically influenced to tell time. Then we realized that this watch is called Reverso because the face of the thing turns 180-degrees so you can show the backside to the world. Why would you turn your watch face around? To protect it while playing polo of course.

At least that was the idea in 1931, when Jaeger-LeCoultre designed the watch to appease British colonial army officers stationed in India who were tired of their timepieces getting bashed by balls, mallets and hooves. The design remains a cult favorite and only two of these Meese designs have been produced. They will be auctioned via an email bidding race, with proceeds going to the German Apoplexia Foundation, advocates for modern and efficient care for patients who suffer from apoplectic strokes. (timezone)

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