Forever charred into my memory—as such things are when experienced on psychedelic mushrooms—is a battle I had with a pair of Adidas Sambas. The drugs were kicking in heavy at that point in time, and for the life of me, I could not get my feet into this very familiar and well-worn pair of shoes. Actually, the losing struggle to put my shoes back on was the tipping point for a torrid evening in the woods that involved more than one attempt at racing through the campfire bare-ass naked and, later, some blinding white light inside my tent. I called the experience a “pretty bad trip” until a prominent physician exploring the medical uses of psilocybin who I queried put it to me another way: “Oh yeah, you had the classic death/rebirth experience. That was actually the goal of psychedelic experiences in shamanistic tribes.”

I’ll spare you the details of my death and rebirth here, but I cannot help but wonder if I would have enjoyed a sunnier demise and reemergence had I instead been trying to put on these tie-dyed shoes Keds has designed for the kids at Urban Outfitters. If anything, I could have stared at the color bursts on them rather than the come-hither flickers of the fire. Pick them up online.

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