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The speakeasy revival has cooled somewhat over the past couple of years, but Chicago’s Violet Hour—one of the first newfangled clandestine watering holes in the nation—keeps things fresh with some constantly rotating art on their facade. This being a right-proper speakeasy, the front of it is sort of an anti-facade; essentially a stretch of wooden slats with a barely noticeable door.

The time-lapse video below shows artist Benjamin Oakley Wilson giving the front of the joint its most recent update: a nice big sperm whale. The romantic notions of Moby Dick the whale conjures are actually a decent fit for some of the novel cocktailing going on inside. Particularly the Breakfast of Thompson, a blend of Appleton White rum, grapefruit juice, Rhum J.M. Blanco, grenadine, sparkling water, and campfire bitters which we can only assume is a tribute to the good doctor of journalism (who was known to quote Melville).

Check out some older faces on the place as well as more interior shots after the jump…

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