Maybe the woods seem like an odd place to be concerned with what you are wearing, other than that each garment should be functional. But giving a shit about what you wear is less about wanting everyone to see you in clothes you like and more about finding clothes that match your artful projecting of just who you think you are. On a camping trip, you are usually surrounded by people close to you, so there’s less projection and more solid being. Just being is the most comfortable state of being. With that, here are some clothes that served us well on a recent bout with rawer existence.

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Pants: Publish; Shirt: American Apparel

Hat: Poler; Shirt: Pendleton; Pants: Dockers; Shoes: Gravis

Pants: Dockers

Shorts: Outlier

Shoes: Vane for Sebago

Shirt: American Apparel; Shorts; Outlier

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