Smartphones are capable of doing pretty anything, so what happens if you enhance its given features? This clever little device by Diff is a tough iPhone case with a clever cover and a pro-level lens mount. This lens mount is a kind of a big deal. With bayonet fixing, the accessory lenses can be quickly twisted and snapped into place and helps you shoot quite impressive footage with a set of Diff’s three lenses; a 2-in-1 macro/wide-angle and a fisheye. You can even use your existing lenses by buying the Diff converters for them.

The case is pretty nifty too. A hard flap on the front protects the screen that can also flip up to be used as a shade when shooting in sunny weather. Another version of the case has a kickstand at the back, that’s also doubled up as a credit card pocket. All the products are available now from the Diff online store.

Here’s a sweet video that’s been shot with the Diff Lens Mount iPhone case. It’s good work.

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