Congrats to the Los Angeles Kings on their first Stanley Cup win. The Devils did what they could but this is how life plays out some times.

With the end of the playoffs, comes an end to this playoff beard. While some have haggled me over my maintenance of it during the series – some say that the beard should not be touched, nor controlled during the playoffs – I’ll have to side with the faction that let it grow but maintained as necessary. Good thing that the series is over as I can bring this commitment to a close.

Read more on my playoff beard commitment on the following page.

Our friends at Philips Norelco have helped to keep our beards trim throughout the Stanley Cup playoffs, but now it is time to shave. We’re using the PowerTouch with Aquatec Shaver – a powerful electric shaver that performs wet or dry. While trimming has kept it all under control, the fresh shave this evening will be a good re-boot for the start of the summer. The Philips Norelco Powertouch shaver impresses with the ability to use it in the shower and with the use of true cream based shaving creams. While not necessary, a little moisturizing never hurt anyone. Good bye beard; I have a feeling you’ll be coming back soon.

More on the Philips PowerTouch with Aquatec Shaver on their Facebook page.

While you’re at it, watch The Playoff Beard Follies: Missing the Beards over on Funny or Die.

Reminder: the folks at Norelco is searching for the most straggly bearded Stanley Cup fan. Those with the ultimate beard are asked to tweet a photo of your beard to @ShaveExperts with the hashtag #hairiest #stanley. Each Tuesday, the best beard of the week will be chosen to win a  Norelco Multigroom Pro to keep their playoff beard in check. At the end of the playoffs, one winner will be crowned the hariest and will will a pro beard Philips Norelco prize pack including SensoTouch 3D, Styleshaver, Vacuum Stubble and Beard Trimmer Pro and Bodygroom Pro.

Good luck!

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