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Some of you might remember I Have Pop, the Amsterdam based agency. Every once in a while they do come up with some pretty great guerilla campaigns and projects. The ones we remember the best are the concrete Nike Dunks that suddenly showed up in front of renowned sneaker boutiques around the world and we also remember the concrete foosball table.

Today we present you the Street Furniture project by them, which has developed over the last two years. Not only do we like the idea of the Street Furniture series, but we especially like that the final product was left in the same place where it was found, for people to collect and pick up.

“This is a series of unique pieces of furniture as art created from materials found and appropriated around the city of Amsterdam. On the spot where the materials were found these seemingly worthless road signs, fences and planters were freestyle (yes, without any plans) sawn, drilled, cut, screwed and put together as quickly as possible, turning them into extremely valuable pieces. Eventually they were left for lucky collectors to find.”

Election billboards, plant boxes, wooden panels with graffiti on it, road construction signs and other pieces that they came across were turned into furniture.

Check it all out after the jump.

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