Earlier today, we showed you some menswear from Jan-Jan Van Essche that reminds us of a J. Crew catalog four decades on from now. Here’s a watch that would go well in that time period as well. The brainchild of Dave Prince, a designer flexing his creativity here for Integrated Design Solutions, this futuro timepiece Looks like it might go on like a slap bracelet. The real draw, of course, is the use of sexy light features that give readouts on the hour and minute in place of clunky old-fashioned hands.

“The concept behind Jormungand is from Norse mythology,” Prince says. “Jormungand is a serpent that is large enough to encircle the earth and hold onto his own tail … when Jormungand lets go of his own tail the earth will end.” While the watch would make it impossible to tell someone the exact time it is when the serpent decides our fate, you will at least be able to render a close estimate before the world comes to a screeching halt.

Words by Josh Tyson
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