Where the runway meets the street

We don’t see a theme attached to the Spring/Summer 2013 collection from E. Tautz—pictured here during London Fashion Week. We would, however, suggest: “Columbo Takes Some Easter LSD.” While it is not easy to see Peter Faulk’s iconic, perpetually raincoated super-sleuth developing the desire to eat acid, it is easy to imagine him in the throws of a springtime trip throwing off his putty London Fog and demanding a hot pink cape.

This collection has Columbo’s cape and many other dashes of classic menswear in pastel, fuchsia, electric mustard, and teal. There are also some reserved numbers in black and navy for the less addled and/or adventurous, but there is a through line here of playful experimentation that hits square on a few counts. We are not superfans of suits with shorts instead of pants (hard to look serious like that unless you have some leg tattoos), and nobody would take anyone seriously in the labcoat/capri/jumpsuit thing shown in blue and white. A powder blue raincoat, however, we could solve some complex problems in.

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