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No matter how passionate you are about running, what Nike has been doing in their digital sports division these last years is beyond impressive and had turned the entire sport of running around. This week the sportswear maker introduces their newly updated Nike+ running experience, which is enhanced these days with incredible products, including the Fuel Band, GPS watch, iPod Nano and of course the iPhone and Android devices, through dedicated apps.

“Nike+ Running is evolving to empower more runners than ever before to track, measure, compare and share their runs across the globe. The new Nike+ Running experience motivates runners with insightful and inspirational new features, and broadened access to the NIKE+ community, which has grown to approximately 7 million members since its launch in 2006.

Runners globally now can enjoy access through the brand new Nike+ Running App for Android and redesigned app for iPhone, faster performance and smarter motivational features through the reengineered, and enhanced social sharing through Facebook Friend tagging – all within the evolving ecosystem of Nike+ Running products.

The culmination of the Nike+ Running evolution is the launch of the redesigned Nike+ Running App (formerly called the Nike+ GPS App). In addition to major upgrades to the version for iPhone, Nike has released the Nike+ Running App for Android. Both apps are free and allow runners to track, share and compare their runs – all within a seamless, intuitive user experience.

The Nike+ Running App features a smooth new user interface – tailored and optimized for each operating system – that hosts a number of new features for runners. The in-run navigation is seamless and simple, allowing runners to easily check key run stats, see their in-progress GPS map, change songs or get audio feedback without missing a stride.

The key focus in both apps’ designs is motivating runners. A new “Next Moves” feature on the home screen allows runners to easily flip through suggested challenges: for example, to run their fastest 5k or go their farthest distance. In the iOS version, the “Next Move” feature shows how your last run stacked up against your average and other reccomendations for your next run. In addition, a dynamic goal progress bar helps runners stay motivated and tracking on goals they’ve set up through their profile.”

“Nike and Facebook have partnered to make sharing runs to Facebook easier and more fun with a dynamic and social integration from the Nike+ Running App. By posting Nike+ Running App runs to Facebook, runners will see their total distance logged, which cities they’ve run in, and a map of their longest run. The app is one of the first to use friend tagging so runners can see their most frequent running buddies and who has cheered them on.

For the first time, runners can also tag their Facebook Friends to runs via the Nike+ Running App. The route will then be shared to their Timeline – making it even easier to get the word out on a great run.

The new experience makes it easier and more fun to post runs to Twitter and, exclusively in the iOS version, to Path. With Path, runners now have the option to share running routes and duration with the app’s easy to use “Share This Run” feature.”

Now go out and run!


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