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Royal College of Design graduate Mimi Zou presents her IRIS project. Her eye tracking camera is controlled by blinking and squinting and even recognized your friends, when it looks into their eyes.

The Iris camera uses biometric technology to identify people by looking at their unique iris signatures. If the user’s iris is recognised, the camera will automatically load their preferred settings – including aperture, ISO and screen display.

As the user looks through the lens, they can zoom in and out by narrowing or widening their eyelids. To take the photo, they simply hold their gaze and double blink.

Once the photo is taken, biometric technology also recognises the subject’s iris and offers to tag them. Photographers and their friends have to register their biometric information to access these features, but they can also opt out of being tagged in photos.

The camera works for both stills and moving images, and it can upload files instantly through a WiFi connection or store them on an SD card inside until a connection is reached.

Here below is a nice video highlighting the way the camera works.

Definitely an interesting concept!

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