The Readery
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The Readery

Hotels teaming up with designers and popular brands for inventive collabs is a worn trend that we are definitely not tired of. Some of it seems a little odd, like Westin offering guests loaner New Balance shoes to exercise in (good premise from a packing standpoint, but it’s bad enough bowling in borrowed shoes). Some of it is totally sweet, like this snappy little newsstand that will open up in The Standard hotels in L.A. and the East Village.

What’s for sale? Warby Parker sunglasses (including an LE pair crafted just for the hotel chain) and, from the looks of it, some prescription frames as well. The fine eyewear is set inside “a curated kiosk of vintage summer reads.” Hot idea, and from the angle of our chair, it looks like the The Readery’s open arms want to give us a hug.

Words by Josh Tyson
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