Where form meets function

As everything we do now lives behind a screen, operated by the press of a key, unsurprisingly we now turn more and more to paper in the search for something tangible. Websites become print magazines, Field Note style pads shown off in back pockets…and here, a great example of making the digital, physical.

The portable Oksu digital printer prints off webpages which shoot out of a weird little box, reminiscent perhaps of the one Prince imagined in ‘Get off’. The less sinister contents of this one include something called ‘Z technology’ “…where color pigments are already within the paper and only need to be activated.” Perhaps most impressive is the printouts ability to return to that particular webpage, “NFC chip technology makes it possible to open the contents of the printed card simply by placing it on the device the user wishes to load it on.” Designed by Alex Zhulin, still in the concept phase, press play to see how it all works.

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