The time has come, French music duo Justice has released the official video to its track ‘New Lands’. The video was directed by Canada.

First, there are tense bodies, focused looks… Locker room tension. Out of thick smoke, fighters wearing helmets and armours emerge into the arena. The crowd roars. The combat promises to be merciless. These gladiators practice a new sport that defies all known rules while including them all: baseball, hockey, motorcycle racing, American football, boxing… To illustrate their new video for New Lands – the fourth out of their latest album Audio, Video, Disco – Justice chose the young Spanish collective Canada.

The film was created with the help and support of Red Bull.

Together, Canada and Justice imagined this dangerous game of cinematographic inspiration. A one-eyed fighter captures our attentios, he looks like Snake Plissken in John Carpenter’s New York 1997. The game, fought on a tilted track with motorcycles zigzagging past each other, recalls Norman Jewinson’s ultra violent science fiction film Rollerball in which James Caan acquires supreme authority over his opponents through strength and self-sacrifice. The powerful directing rendering the extreme vitality of the sport has nothing over Oliver Stone’s in Any Given Sunday… But the Canada collective didn’t get drowned in these iconic references and imposed its own subjective point of view to take us on a voyage through a certain ultra-referenced fetishism familiar to the Justice imagery. New Lands, new landscapes, new territories. Welcome to another world… ours!

You can watch the video now here above.

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