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Button Down Shirt Guide
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Button Down Shirt Guide
Button Down Shirt Guide
Button Down Shirt Guide
Button Down Shirt Guide
Button Down Shirt Guide

Continuing on with our buyer’s guides, this time we take a look at Button Down Shirts. Worn with a tie they’re a winner but our focus today is the more casual variety. Two tiny buttons at the collar points make a huge difference to the fit and look of a shirt, here we pick our favourites on the more easygoing side, featuring the likes of Junya Watanabe, Band of Outsiders, Engineered Garments and J Crew. Click on for more.

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Junya Watanabe MANCheck Dungaree Shirt

A meeting of chambray and check for this, Junya loves to mix up fabrics and this is a great example of how to do it well, nice work especially on the dungaree style pocket. Plenty of great detail here, a pricey option that happens to be on sale.

J CrewDonahue Madras Shirt

A summery shirt from J Crew who specialise in all things button and non button down. Heavy on the pink, always works well in Madras, this is 100% cotton, regular cut and happy to hang out with your denim.

Taylor Stitch – Indigo Sazanami Jack Shirt

Featured previously, we take a close look at the amazing print on this Taylor Stitch shirt. This line of Japanese cotton shirts were a homage to their friend Hidekazu and come in a few different patterns, all excellent.

Engineered GarmentsPop Over BD Shirt

A short sleeve option here from Engineered Garments, the pullover on this particularly well done. Polka dots on blue, a breast pocket, throat tab, fishtail hem, this is a boxier fit shirt made in the city of New York.

Band of OutsidersSeersucker Shirt

Seersucker isn’t used often enough for my liking, especially good to see it outside of its usual white or blue varieties. The grey and red work perfectly on this lightweight, 100% cotton number, little ironing needed, always a bonus

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