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Best-Dressed Peter O'Toole

Our boy Peter O’Toole announced his retirement from the grind of acting this week. We say “our boy” because we have shared too many snifters of Brandy with the old chap to count on fingers and toes [untrue]. Got to tell you, too, once we get about half a decanter deep, he starts ranting about how the Academy will lick his dead salty undercarriage when he is gone, so we will not be surprised if this is a Cher-esque “retirement” [so many lies in there].

Assuming his departure from a profession he helped elevate to new levels with hitherto unknown levels of panache and devotion is the real thing, we’ve put together a list the five best-dressed Peter O’Toole characters. Enjoy … with Brandy.

T.E. Lawrence – Lawrence of Arabia 

To be honest, we need to watch this movie again. They last time we saw it was in a high scool history class and the lasting question the film posed was: “Do we need to kick as much ass as this Lawrence fellow in order to dress so awesomely?” The film is based on the life of an actual dude, though we doubt he looked quite this good.

Jack Arnold Alexander Tancred Gurney – The Ruling Class

How do you not look at an outfit and overall look like the one pictured above without uttering a “fuck … yeah?” Watching O’Toole spelunk the paranoid madness of the 14th Earl of Gurney is made all the more enjoyable by his memorable and transformative wardrobe. He is also prone to breaking into song and barking shit like, “Bring back fear!”

Eli Cross – The Stunt Man

O’Toole is pretty freaking delicious as a somewhat sadistic movie director who is tormenting a  fugitive who surreptitiously wandered onto his set and into the job of stuntman. Often seen lording over the production from his crane, Cross is usually looking quite dapper in large ’70s collars, like the one on that nicely striped shirt above.

Alan Swann – My Favorite Year

O’Toole was nominated for an Academy Award in 1982 (an award which he has never won) for his portrayal of Alan Swann, a washed-up and very alcoholic star of the silver screen who is tapped to appear on a variety show. Under the watchful eye of one of the show’s writers (played by Mark “Cousin Larry” Linn-Baker) O’Toole chews up scenery in amazing garb, like this purple leopard-print smoking jacket.

Peter O’Toole – Himself

Here is O’Toole looking good and carefree about a year before announcing his retirement . Linen blazer, blue button up and a teal ascot. Aces. His retirement announcement showed similar verve and spark “It’s time for me to chuck in the sponge. To retire from stage and screen. The heart for it has gone out of me; it won’t come back.”


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