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Lanvin Lounge Pants
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Lanvin Lounge Pants

Lanvin calls them lounge pants, though technically they fall under the sweatpants umbrella. If you think about it, though, most people don’t sweat in sweatpants anymore. Gone are the days of Balboa running up the stairs in heather grey. In modern times, pants like this are reserved for sitting way back and ingesting sweet and fatty foods. People actually sweat in shit like Under Armor, they lounge in sweatpants. So yes, these Lanvin Lounge Pants are ahead of the curve.

The charcoal color is perfect because you can collect a few slovenly ice cream stains before you wash them. Or, more accurately, before you have them dry-cleaned. These are 100-percent wool, made in Italy—not to be lounged in recklessly. Go forth and lounge lightly, friends. You will look good doing so in a fit this trim and tapered. Ssense has them.

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