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This week we’re adding to our popular “5 Tumblrs…” program with an Instagram edition. Admittedly Instagram is a totally different beast from Tumblr, but the eye-candy is just as good, if not better, if you know where to look. To kick things off we’re starting with a group of folks who post heavy on the sneaker side of things. If you’re on IG and into sneakers, we highly recommend checking out each of these.

Please be sure to leave your Instagram account in the comments section, so we can see your snaps as well.

adamzeeKith Set member Adam Z is all about the kicks.

jasonupthere – Excellent photography of all the latest and greatest, by way of Melbourne, Australia’s Up There Store.

jonbuscemi – Behind the scenes with Gourmet footwear’s Jon Buscemi, including first looks at new models and lots of lifestyling.

mryumingwu – Freshnessmag/Sneakernews Founder Yu-ming Wu has one of the deepest collections around and shares on the daily.

rickwlms – Burn Rubber Detroit’s Rick Williams has sneakers for days..

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