Where the runway meets the street

Today we get both interesting, yet very unexpected news, from Warriors of Radness. Rick Klotz, the man behind WOR and Freshjive, has sold the brand to the biggest domestic clothing maker, none other than American Apparel. In an eMail entitled ‘We’ve Sold Out! The Battle is over but the WOR has just begun”, he informs the Warriors of Radness fans of the new move.

That’s right. We’ve sold our souls to the largest manufacturer of garments in the USA: My old friend Dov Charney and his American Apparel Company have adopted the the unruly West Coast bastard stepchild of California Style: Warriors of Radness. We now have the muscle of an almost 600 million dollar behemoth of garment manufacturing behind us. Eat you heart out.

Watch the video that they have produced for the occasion here below. The video features Rick Klotz and also Dov Charney, founder of American Apparel.

Let’s see where this will take Warriors of Radness in the coming months.

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