Where form meets function

Lucky NYC folk get to check out this exhibition, Century of the Child at MoMA, charting design through 1900-2000 via the toy. Kids have it pretty sweet these days with their mobile phones and in-room televisual systems, but they’ll never know the joy of a conversation with Teddy Ruxpin or balancing an oversized figure on the back of Battle Cat. Yeah, in your face modern world. Looks like olden days children had it good too. This exhibition inspired by Swedish social theorist Ellen Key’s manifesto ‘Century of the Child’, looks at over 500 items including designs by Isamu Noguchi, Alvar Alto, Jean Prouvé and Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Charting design through play, if you’ve ever wondered what Bauhaus nursery furniture would look like, head on down. Hit the gallery for a whole lot of images.

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