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Give it to Hodinkee for bringing us one of the more exhaustively comprehensive looks at the history and inner workings of the Rolex Daytona. Part one has just been published and the watch publication goes well into detail exploring every iteration and detail.

With a robust movement equipped with a highly useful chronograph complication, it’s made to be worn daily. Housed in a nearly bulletproof “Oyster” case, it’s tough-as-nails, built to last several generations. Versatile styling makes it suitable for nearly all dress occasions – looking great with jeans or a suit. On top of all that, its resale value is about as good as it gets in the world of watches. The Daytona is a compelling watch if one must boil their collection down to one. Problem is, they’re not easily obtained.

Start now and cheat your way into Rolex Daytona knowledge over at Hodinkee.

Or spend some time exploring Daytona watch porn on the following page…

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