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Continuing the new Instagram extention to our popular “5 Tumblrs…” program we check in with five individuals who are currently dedicating most of their life to travel, and documenting the experience through their favorite filters. If you’re not already following these 5, you’re sure to find some inspiration here.

13thwitness – Nomadic photographer turned Instagram pro. This guy wrote the book. Literally. He has a published Instagram photo book.

fosterhunting – Foster Huntington founded A Restless Transplant about a year ago, leaving his design job in New York to buy a VW van and drive over 30000 miles all around the west, surfing and camping. The photos are incredible.

michael_lamjc – La MJC founder, Cool Cats member and All Gone Book publisher Michael Dupouy lives without dead time. He travels the globe in fresh footwear, checks out all the coolest art shows and spends plenty of time at the pool. 1-800 GOOD LIFE.

onetrippass – Onetrippass.com founder and Levi’s Brand Concept genius Jay Carroll spends his days road-tripping from Maine to San Francisco and documents everywhere in between.

philliptannand – Madbury/On Award Tour founder Phillip Annand has been on somewhat of an internet hiatus of late. On “a mad dash to nowhere in particular” his lifestyle is all fun all the time.

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