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BAIT and Creative Recreation join forces to fuse classic Creative Recreation styles with the iconic Spongebob universe. The collection features a “Raw and Uncut” concept that interprets the off-stage personalities and lifestyles of Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, and Mr. Krabs.

These type of collaborations can go well, but unfortunately go most of the time very wrong. Making cartoon character sneakers for adults means balancing a thin line of adding just enough of the character, yet not too much, to ensure that the shoes still remain wearable. Thankfully we have the latter case here.

The characters appear on the footbeds, ice outsoles, and the attached rubber keychains, meaning that you need to take a second look to really figure out that it is a Spongebob infused collection. The four styles employ unique materials inspired by its respective character: including jacquard BAIT camo for Spongebob on the Lusco sneaker, dimensional zebra-patterned navy leather and suede for the Patrick Cesario Lo XVI, hairy cheetah print for Squidward’s Cesario XVI, and pinstripe suiting material for Mr. Krabs on the Kaplan V sneaker.

Here comes the coolest feature of the collection. Each pair is housed in a special BAIT Spongebob character box, which features cardboard arm and leg pieces that can be attached to form a 3-D Spongebob. The shoes will be displayed at the POP LIFE Exhibition in Beijing on August 17, 2012.

The sneakers are now available online at www.

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