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Nike has unveiled an all new track spike that makes use of the exciting Flyknit technology and here is a look at it. Weighing just 3.9 ounces, the featherweight shoe also features Flywire structured zones for support and breathability.

See what else Nike has to say about the track spike below:

Now this technology has been developed for an exclusive distance track spike to be worn during competition by US 10,000 meter runner Dathan Ritzenheim. With all the structure and support knitted in, the new spike shares the same unique upper as the Nike Flyknit Racer shoe.

As part of Nike’s commitment to combining high performance with environmentally sustainable design, the Nike Flyknit Racer reduces waste in the manufacturing process, because the knitted part of the upper does not use cuts of multiple materials and sections found in traditional sports footwear.

Weighing just 110 grams (3.9 oz), the new spike features a narrower fit specifically designed for track performance. Dynamic flywire structured zones on the upper providing support, breathability and a lightweight sock-like fit.

The Flashlon foam used in the midsole of the new spike provides lightweight, responsive cushioning and arch support for comfort over all track distances. “Combining ultra lightweight engineering of Nike Flyknit technology with the performance innovation of our track spikes creates a unique running proposition,” said Martin Lotti, Nike Global Creative Director. “Nike Flyknit is a breakthrough innovation for the design and development of running shoes and we’re excited to be able to deliver this innovation for elite track athletes.”

The Nike Flyknit spike features an engineered Pebax® plate with four removable pins to provide lightweight support and maximize speed. The sharkskin heel pad enhances grip and traction while helping reduce the overall weight of the spike.

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