In the forth instalment of our new Instagram extention to the Highsnobiety “5 Tumblrs…” program, we check in with five individuals who live in NYC and document the experience through their iPhone cameras. If NYC or big city imagery is your thing, these 5 are sure to inspire.

mariejoelleparent – Marie-Joelle Parent lives in New York where she works as a multi-media journalist for Sun Media Canada. She takes a LOT of photos.

newyorkcity – Run by Liz Eswein, fashion-obsessed NYU student and MMLNYC co-founder, @newyorkcity features everything New York.

samhorine – Sam Horine is an NYC based photographer that focuses on skylines, bicycles, graffiti, industrial architecture and vintage signs. Cool edits here.

uptowneastnyc – His name is Theo, he stays around Uptown East, his tagline is “creepin’ it real” and the photos are amazing.

williamyan – China Town Will is a New York City native and photographer with a happy trigger finger and an inside line to all sorts of cool shit.

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