Class is now in session for the famed G-Shock watches thanks to these video clips from Casio. The watch’s maker has released these 3 videos that get into the design, function, and structure of the watches we all know and love. Get some insight into the G-Shock with the videos above and below.

“Design: In 1983 G-Shock watches were designed to keep the watch module protected. The resin design was introduced to keep up with the toughness. Bands were tested for corrosion, wear, fatigue, rust, and discoloration. In 1992 color and marble design were introduced to the resin bands maintaining the watches toughness, Casio made them fashionable. In 1994 metal-insert bands were made available and in 1995 double cloth bands were added to the collection. In 1997 there were transparent resin bands and in 2006 ballistic nylon bands were added to the line. In 2010 carbon and glass fiber-insert bands were added to the collection designed to add to the toughness of the watch. In 2012 Casio introduces crocodile textured bands. The evolution doesn’t stop with G-Shock what will come next?”

“Function: In 1983 G-Shock watches were designed to be the ultimate tough watch with unique functions for any condition. The in 1983 the DW5000 had a micro light which made the watch visible at night. In 1994 EL back light was introduced in the DW6600 which allowed for unique designs. In 2010 the Super Illuminator was introduced for clear visibility. The sensor system was introduced in 1994 the G-Shock DW6700 with pressure and temperature made its debut. In 1999 the directional sensor was introduced in the G-Shock DW9800 allowing for a digital compass. In 2008 the G-Shock Master of G Riesman twin sensor was introduced which allowed for a multitude of functions. In 2012 Smart Access will be available in the G-Shock Aviation Gravity Defier GWA1000. Smart Access is a Multi-motor with an electronic crown switch.”

“Structure: G-Shock watch design started with a “hallow case structure” that can withstand drops. In 1983 the DW5000 the first G-Shock watch was created. The DW5000 was built with a shock resistant case and bezel structure. The all-directional face guard and band was also designed with a shock resistant formation that protected the watch and kept it safe. In 1994 Casio improved the toughness with a “Capsule Tough” design as well as added shock absorbers to the band. In 2006 resin covered buttons were added to their “Master of G Mudman” watch design to prevent particles from getting into the watch. Today a new line of Aviation analog watches were created with “Triple G Resist” technology able to withstand vibration, shock, and centrifugal force.”

Words by Nick Estrada
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