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U.S. Open of Surfing
U.S. Open of Surfing

It is tough to pass up any opportunity to spend some time on beaches of California. Recently, our friends at Hurley invited us to Huntington Beach, CA for the 2012 U.S. Opening of Surfing – one of the more prestigious and viewed surf events Stateside. It is a special competition in the sport if only for the ability of the fans to witness the action from the shores. Strong consumer build-outs throughout the beach allow for all to participate and remain engaged in the action on the water. Special retail quarters for Hurley, Nike, and Converse offered event specific goods with everyone.

For this writer, Hurley also offered to take me into the water and waves for my very first surf lesson. The moment went so well that I’ll certainly be returning to the water again for more.

Photographer, Jacob Breinholt, came along to shoot the action from the shore. We offer this look at the 2012 U.S. Open of Surfing.


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