From the ground up

SneakerFreaker has published a great article analyzing the recent happenings over some of the more hyped sneaker releases. From the Air Jordan 11 Retro Concord to the Nike Air Foamposite One Galaxy, some rather disappointing and disturbing violent actions have happened at the release days of these sneakers. Armed robbery, murder, violence and all that for a pair of sneakers?

The article looks back at the 90s where the very same happened, for the most part also for Jordan sneakers. Almost 25 years ago in some cases, one tends to forget and wants to believe that these things happen for the first time now, but that is clearly not the case. We have asked the question before: What should brands such as Nike change about their release mechanisms in order to avoid these happenings? Is an exclusive online release the only way to prevent these actions?

Read the full article, which is a great analysis and history lesson, here.

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