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‘Hang On A Minute Lads, I’ve Got A Great Idea’ is the name of a conceptual art installation on the roof of the De La Garr Pavillion in Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex, England. The bristish artist Richard Wilson placed a fullsize replica coach bus on top of the building. It looks like it is balancing dangerously on the edge. Wilson took the inspiration for the setting from the british movie ‘The Italian Job’ and the titel for his project recites the last words of the last scene. The original movie ‘The Italian Job’ from 1969 starrs Michael Caine as Charlie Croker the head of a gang of thieves. The movie ends with the most impossible dilemma; finding themselves in the desperate situation dangling on the edge of a mountain in the Italian Alps, Charlie Croker and his gang are on the one side of the vehicle while the stolen gold is on the other side. How can they save the gold, themselves and the coach bus from falling over the edge?

The movie ‘The Italian Job’ has become a national treasure for the Brits; with its British stars, the classic Mini Cooper as the get-away car, the song “We Are The Self-Preservation Society” and the predicament of the final scene.

Hang On A Minute Lads, I’ve Got A Great Idea embraces all those quintessential British cultural references, including its sense of humour and, as such, is the perfect way to demonstrate the excellence of current British creativity and artistic practice.

Richard Wilson’s installation is part of the London 2012 Festival. This spectacular 12-week nationwide celebration runs from 21 June until 9 September 2012, bringing together leading artists from across the UK and the world.

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