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Turn your iOS device into a retro game console with GameDock by Cascadia Games. You can play all the great games of your childhood with 2 player and multiplayer via NES USB controllers. Thanks to the NES your device will charge while playing, making it possible to game for hours and hours. In the past iCade had brought us something similar but this takes it to another level. Over 100 games can be played and there will sure be more coming. Fundraiser KickStarter just reached their funding goal of $50,000 yesterday.

 Developer Andi Greisel said: “I loved NES when I was a kid, and still do really, so I immediately started developing around those controllers. We certainly have discussed using other controllers, like SNES, but the look and feel of the NES controller just got me excited. Plus, there is beauty in their simplicity.”

We agree.

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