George Nelson Herman Miller

Designer George Nelson‘s Storagewall modular system appeared in Life magazine in 1945. An instant hit, it prompted Dirk Jan De Pree, the founder of Herman Miller furniture, to approach Nelson and offer the job of Design Director. The partnership spawned some of the most popular modernist icons of the 20th century. De Pree offered his designers complete trust and freedom to create and each one felt a responsibility to produce outstanding work in return. In 1984 Miller spoke extensively about this innovative working environment and his friendship with ‘D.J.’ “So there he was, in my little office high up in the Empire State Building, asking if I would like to think about becoming Herman Miller’s designer. There was no way at the time of realizing that this quiet, courteous man, conservatively dressed in a dark three-piece suit and a broad-brimmed hat, had just turned my life inside out.” A great read, find the essay over here.

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