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Located in a small valley close to Seoul, Korea the ‘Villa Topoject’ by AND Architects is set at the side of a mountain. The house opens up toward the south view and a small creek on the side.

“Gradually lifted landscape of the mountainous topography becomes a floating mass over a little stream. Villa Topoject rejects the dichotomy of object building versus landscape building. It is a mutant born as a hybrid of the two kinds, and it focuses on the transformation process between the two typologies. The boundary of the site is pulled in as the topography becomes an object, creating semi private outdoor spaces. The private living spaces are formed inside. The continuous exterior spaces meet the interior spaces at all levels adding compact, yet rich spatial qualities. The boundary between exterior and interior, land and building, subject and object becomes ambiguous.”

AND Architects are a 3 people office in Korea’s capital city Seoul. Villa Topoject is their first prestigious project so far and it has been featured quite a lot around the globe already. We really like their style and hope to write about more great projects  by AND Architects soon.

Words by Georgia Reeve
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