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The Eiffel Tower has been declared the most valuable monument in Europe – worth 435 billion euros (£343 billion) to the French economy.

The study of the most valuable monuments in Europe by Italy’s ‘Monza and Brianza Chamber of Commerce’ based its findings on a monument’s “image, brand and visibility”, calculated by cross-referencing 10 different parameters from various analysts and statistics bodies. Criteria included a “tourist index”, which took into account “the economic value of the location, the fame of the monument, the flux of visitors to the territory and monument” and an “economic attractiveness index”, comprising factors such as the number of jobs it created and its export value.

See a list of other valuable monuments accross Europe below.

1. Eiffel Tower, Paris: 343 billion pounds
2. The Colloseum, Rome: 72 billion pounds
3. The Sagrade Familia Cathedral, Barcelona: 71 billion pounds
4. The Duomo Cathedral, Milan: 65 billion pounds
5. The Tower of London: 56 billion pounds
6. The Prado Museum, Madrid: 46 billion pounds
7. Stonehenge, UK: 8.3 billion pounds

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