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Sony has outdone themselves once again, with four times more resolution than Full HD, in 4K the 84″ (diag.) 4K LCD screen contains no less than 8 million, yes 8 million, individual pixels (3,840 x 2,160). At a closer, more comfortable distance and a viewing angle widened to 60°, the TV screen fills your field of vision: it’s similar to experiencing the action in real life.

Totaling 50W, the front-facing, 2-way, 10-Unit speaker system directs sound right at you. S-Force Front Surround 3D simulates 5.1 sound, with an enlarged sweet spot that everyone in the room can enjoy. Rigid aluminum speaker housings cut resonance for smooth, vibration-free audio.

Not to mention the Sony Entertainment Network, where thousands of movies, TV shows, online videos, games and music are always at your fingertips. By connecting to the Internet you can access Full HD 1080p entertainment, 3D content and made-for-TV apps like Netflix, Pandora, YouTube, Facebook and more.

Price has yet to be announced.

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