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Chasing Delicious - Beef, Pig, and Lamb Cuts Posters

Not a week goes by when we’re not sinking our teeth into a braised lamb shank or a nice medium rare flank steak but unbeknownst to us, we needed a proper education.  So, we’re loving these Meat Cuts posters designed by Chasing Delicious because they give us the cut by cut 411 of beef, lamb, and pig. Cuts are broken down into three categories: primal, subprimal, and retail. Primal cuts are big chunks that make up the various sections of an animal, retail cuts are the store bought steak taken home to cook, while the subprimal cuts fit somewhere in the middle of primal and retail. These posters not only give you the lowdown on proper names of cuts that you can impress the butcher with but also the ace cooking methods for how to best perfect your meat. The posters can be purchased individually or as a set right here.

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