Where the runway meets the street
Arno-Supper Club

Coggles forward this great film from their Street Style series, the project an extension of the sizable image archive they’ve collected over the years, we featured another top film a while back. Here we follow Arno Maasdorp, a Brixton resident who runs the popular Saltoun Supper Club from his home. Using fresh produce and unusual finds from the local area, the artist and cook puts as much love into creating a beautiful plate as producing his unique flavours, describing a process based on “Colour, balance, texture, composition.”A rather stylish man to boot, he applies the same concepts to his choice of clothes and his eccentric home. Coggle’s Mark Bage comments “Arno’s background in fine art manifests in an attention to detail and an emphasis on aesthetics…there’s real substance to what he has to say and we wanted to document it.” Central to everything is making his guests welcome “think about the best meal you’ve ever had in your life, it’s not always about the food, it could have been the beautiful surroundings, the simplicity, the banter around the table. It needn’t be absolutely perfect. Some of the most beautiful things always have a tiny flaw. And that’s fine.”


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