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The true beauty of Instagram is that you basically have millions of “photographers” actively sharing their lifes with the world and the things that they come across. The immediacy of course makes it even more interesting – no matter which city, no matter what time, you will always be updated with the very latest. A perfect scenario for street style, because you get to see many different looks from many different places around the globe and as such have a great overview what the global fashion scenes are buzzing about.

We went through the latest street style posting on the social network and picked out some favorites. Sometimes its the full look, but most of the time its a specific item or combination that caught our eye. After all picking things out that one comes across and remixing them into your own style is still the best in our mind.

Take a look and be inspired by the images in the gallery above.

Photography by the following Instagram users: samuelhsu27, festnyc, mymanybags, topmai, brandonruiz21, wallacegalliano, dubfire667, delboi, chanelene, isnapu, kaykaystyle, thesweetescape123, andreeas, dayzfashion

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