Natural Selection Denim showcases the denim evolution process, bringing to life their most iconic washes – one from each evolutionary stage of wear. These stages are known as the ‘Wash Families’ – RAW / BRUISED / BROKEN / BURIED.

All of the brand’s denim will begin in its RAW state – developing in various ways
through its life cycle to the worn, BURIED wash family. Through a series of unique short films, each family and one of its washes has been viscerally captured, and collectively the story of denim evolution is told.

Today we show a first video, an introduction to the series, with the others to follow over the course of the next month. Denim, the one pieces of wardrobe that most of us wear on a daily basis, can never be broken down enough. We look forward to give you yet another behind the scenes look at the process of making your jeans look the way they do.


Directed by Hidden Agency
Music Design by YoVideo

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