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This week has been fairly quiet in terms of new music video releases. Therefore rather than having to carefully ponder which videos made the cut, I had time enjoy the simple pleasures of life, namely going to a Chinese All You Can Eat Buffet by myself and praying my aging mother doesn’t discover that Madonna has a  new fitness video out.

As always, we have a varied selection of music videos for you and this week features the likes of Azealia Banks and Flying Lotus amongst others. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Flying Lotus – Until The Quiet Comes (Dir. Kahlil Joseph)

This short film from John Coltrane’s favourite great nephew serves up a fairly chilling view of the sharp contrast between the raw beauty and harsh severity of L.A. ghetto life.  Featuring pools of blood, Lowrider Hydros and sullen figures shrouded in shadows this video provides the backdrop for FlyLo’s forthcoming ‘Until The Quiet Comes’.

Side note – I need that tee

Azealia Banks – 1991 (Dir. Justin Mitchell)

AB continues to find stellar production, this time in the form of Dilated Pixels. ‘1991’ has a 90’s House feel to it (with definite SoundFactory vibes) whilst the visuals are a continuation of the glossy ‘Van Vogue’ released last month. Despite this new sophisticated image she’s carved out for herself there are still lingering hints of the goofiness she became so celebrated for with her ‘212’ debut.

Everything Everything – Cough Cough (Dir. Jonathan Higgs)

Written with last year’s London Riots in mind, lead singer Jonathan Higgs explains “The video is supposed to get across the anger and frustration of the riots, as well as the confusion and sense of having no purpose or future.” Job well done we say.

House Shoes (Feat. Danny Brown) – Sweet (Animation: Ruffmercy)

Fantastic visuals and a great beat make it impossible not to include this video in this week’s list. Bonus points if you recognised a couple of Danny’s verses from his freestyle for The B-Side recorded a few years ago (check it out here).

Woods – Cali In A Cup (Dir. Adarsha Benjamin)

With a sound reminiscent of Christopher Owen’s now disbanded Girls, the Brooklyn folk rockers star in a twee, sun-soaked video which reminds everyone that summer is now over and winter is shit. Thanks.

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