Aesop remains to be one of our favorite beauty brands, simply because everything they do has a very unique touch, while always staying focussed on outstanding products and an overall great experience. From their product design to their store interiors, Aesop impresses us over and over.

With the launch of their first short film this week in collaboration with Amsterdam artist Lucy McRae we did not expect any less.

“Inspired by the physiological principles of 19th century scientist and philosopher Herman von Helmholtz, who once wrote that ‘everything is an assault on the skin’, McRae’s mystifying film portrays a scientist meticulously administering a series of beauty treatments to his sleeping muse. Filmed within a church in Amsterdam, refashioned to resemble a fictitious Aesop laboratory, the three and a half minute piece poetically discusses the brand’s unique union of technology and nature in McRae’s captivating trademark aesthetic.”

Watch ‘Morphe’ now here above.

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